Comparing Hosting Plans and Pricing

It is never easy to choose between several selections of hosting plans, especially when the pricing is very competitive. A simple way to narrow down your choice would be look into the hosting company and consider their history in the business. If the hosting company has no apparent history in the business you could forget about them. Before you begin comparing hosting plans, you need to know the various types of hosting plans available for you to choose from.

The simplest form of hosting is shared hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting solution, and it is the most popular as well. As the name suggests, it operates in a shared environment, where several users share one single server. Since hundreds of people share one single server, the company is able to offer great low pricing on the service. In terms of shared hosting, you cannot host resource intensive sites, because it will affect the performance of the other sites on the server.

Reseller hosting is quite popular with many companies as well. This type of hosting service allows you to resell the services your purchase. So, for example, if you bought a reseller hosting plan from company 1, you could then resell the service to your own clients. This is an ideal way to begin your own hosting business. Pricing will vary depending on the company, but you should expect to pay more for reseller hosting.

When it comes to comparing the hosting plan and pricing, you need to first know what it is that the company is offering. Since every single hosting company is difference, it can be hard to know what you are getting from them. A select number of hosting companies offer their clients with hundreds of dollars worth of marketing products and tools. You should take into account any incentive you may be getting in return for becoming a client. A large part of your purchase decision should depend on the services you need. For example, if you need a merchant services platform, focus on a host that offers this. Buying something you don’t need will be a complete waste, so remember to not over purchase hosting services.

Once you understand how everything works, you can now proceed to the actual comparison of the selected hosting plans. See how much space and bandwidth you are getting with the hosting company. If a host is offering too little you could easily disqualify them. Next, focus on the number of add-on domains, databases and emails they are offering. Recently, many hosting companies have begun offering unlimited extras, so if this is the case, you know who to select. Just remember to never base your final decision on the price the host offers you. Read customer reviews from forums and review sites. A hosting company will do whatever it takes to get your business, but the reality lies in the actual service you get.